One Simple Way to Increase Your Self Trust and Success

Setting goals influences your personal success in many ways. Trusting yourself influences your ability to set goals. Following through on your goals is essential to developing and reinforcing self trust. When we fail to achieve our goals we start to lose self trust or self confidence and we stop setting goals altogether. This in turn affects our success because the majority of successful people in any sphere set goals.

An easy, quick and yet powerful method to start trusting yourself and your abilities to set and attain your goals is it to keep your word. Yes, keeping your word will help you achieve your goals and succeed in whatever you set out to do.

authentic-leadership-personal-successStart by not making commitment to things you know you won’t do. When you commit to something you know you won’t do, not only don’t others trust you, you also slowly stop trusting yourself. Therefore, be able to say “no” even if a “yes” would be easier. Next time someone makes a request of you, don’t quickly say “sure no problem” in order to be nice or not disappoint when you know you won’t do it. You disappoint more by not showing up. The other person’s expression of disappointment affects your self confidence further. Who would you rather deal with? A “nice” person you can’t trust or a person who is not afraid to say “no” when they know they will not deliver?

Keep your word as much as possible. Make fewer commitments so you can easily keep them.  It’s neither necessary nor possible to please everybody. The more you keep little promises to yourself and others, the more your self-trust or confidence increases. This in turn increases your ability to achieve. Because you’re confident and can make things happen, people around you get to trust you more and want to follow you or work with you which enhances your confidence further. This forms a wonderful virtuous circle of self trust and success. Hence, the saying success breeds success.

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