How To Find Your Purpose

One of the commonest questions students get to be asked is “What do you want to do after you finish your studies?” The commonest answer from high school students and undergrads to masters and PhD students is “I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out what I would love to do.”

So in our coaching sessions, one of the things we do is to help people uncover their mission. Our lives already demonstrate our mission and it is just a matter of uncovering it and being clear on it. I believe that we are not here to be anything we want to be; we are here to be what we truly are.

Your mission is the path to add the most value to others and meaning to your life. Your mission is your purpose or your chief aim. Your mission is your “flow” or the work you were born to do. When you’re following your mission you experience both happiness and sadness but are not discouraged because you get ful filment.

Your mission can be anything from growing flowers or raising children to managing a factory or owning big business. Your mission is something you love and so you when you talk about it you feel and say that “I love doing this”.  When you say “I should,” “I must” or “I have to” it is an indication that it is not what you love.

To find out your mission, you can ask yourself the following questions:

 1.       What do I love the most?

 These are things that you love or love to do without anybody asking you to do and sometimes you don’t even notice time pass or you drop everything at the opportunity to do that.These are also things you like talking or you think about the most.

 2.       What do I spend money on most?

 We spend money according to what is important to us. Look at how you spend money or the things you spend money on to see what is meaningful to you. This might conflict with what close relations might say but it’s important to you.

 3.       What am I known for?

 Ask your friends to describe you. It’s amazing that they can pick up what is important to you and what your life demonstrates.

 From the answers to the questions above, you’ll get an indication of what you love doing.  The next step is to think about how you can start doing those things to add value to other people so that they can pay you for it. You can also incorporate those activities into your current vocation to make it more enjoyable and inspirational.

 To crown it all, ask yourself this million dollar question – if I had everything in my life taken care of and I made a million dollars a year, what would I do with my life that is meaningful to me and add value to others? This is after you’ve travelled and bought the things you dream about.

 Uncovering your true mission requires some hard work on your part and that is why only 1% of the world’s population are doing what they love and getting paid for it. Take some time to uncover your mission and taken steps immediately to start living your mission. This will reduce stress in your life as stress is due to the difference between what we’re doing with what we would love to be doing.

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  1. very true. Each one of us is born on this earth with a purpose When we know our
    purpose, we can never go wrong or depressed. Our passion should be to fullfill our purpose.

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