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Goal Setting Steps

Happy New Year! It’s time for setting goals and New Year’s resolutions. In the videos I share steps that I believe to be effective in setting goals that you can achieve this year and beyond. Here are the steps in summary:

1. Gratitude
Write a list of what you are grateful for last year. This will help you see that you did accomplish things and also that although you might not have accomplished everything, you accomplished other things in the process. This will boost your confidence again to set new goals.
2. Mission
Set goals that are in line with your mission or something big that you’re working towards. Find your mission or purpose to have more meaning and inspiration in your life.
3. Set balanced goals
Set goals that encompass all areas of life namely: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, social, familial and physical. The balance will help you have a more fulfilling life.
4. Keep it real
Set goals that are truly in line with what you love. Don’t set goals that are purely to please other people because you won’t follow through with them.
5. Set positive goals
Phrase goals in a positive manner so that they remain inspiring and always relevant.

Set goals that are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
7. Chunk your goals down
Break your goals down into sub goals that are manageable. When your goals look too big without sub goals, they will make you feel overwhelmed and you might not follow through.
8. Visualize
See yourself in your mind having attained the goal. Utilize all your senses in your visualization.
9. Action
Act immediately. Write down your goals and affirmations and take daily action towards your goals.
10. Accountability
Find someone to be accountable to so that you remain on track. This could be a friend, group of people or a coach.

Remember to do what you love in 2012! All the best!

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