8 Quick Tips to Build Self Confidence

confidenceSelf confidence is needed in a number of situations especially when you’re dealing with other people. It is needed during an interview, when you’re leading others and when you are in a meeting especially with strangers. Confidence is essential for success. As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”


Here are 8 quick tips to help you build your self confidence.


1. Smile
When you smile you communicate warmth and that improves people’s reaction towards you. When you smile most people will automatically smile back at you. That will make you feel great and boost your self confidence.


2. Accept Compliments
When someone compliments you, gracefully accept – say “thank you”. Try not to negate or deflect the compliment. For instance some people when complimented will keep quiet or deny.  For example when told “Those are nice shoes” they would say “Yeah, but they are cheap”. Accepting compliments makes your mind register good things about you and helps build your self confidence. Not accepting compliments can make you believe that there is nothing good about you.


3. Speak up
Another way to build self confidence is to speak up. When people are struggling to hear you, they usually shift in their seats and pull facial muscles in an attempt to hear you. This looks like they are disapproving what you are saying. Speaking audibly makes you look and feel confident.


4. Dress Well
When you look great you feel great and your self confidence is boosted. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. When you look great, a lot more people will pay attention to you and your self confidence will increase.


5. Sit in front
Many people do not like to stand out and so they sit in the back. Sitting in front helps you build your self confidence because you are doing something that many will not do. If you are afraid of sitting in front because you might be asked questions use this tactic to handle that you can’t answer – ask a question back. For example if you’re asked “How many countries are in the world?” you might say “That is something I always wanted to know. How many are they?” The person asking will answer their own question.


6. Ask questions
When you don’t understand something ask rather than pretend you know. When you don’t understand some part of the conversation or discussion, your self confidence might go down if others are talking comfortably about the item you don’t understand. Instead of pretending you understand, ask. Knowing will build your self confidence.


7. Don’t apologize for no reason
If you want to ask something simply ask the question without apologizing. You can say “excuse me” to attract attention and ask your question. When you apologize too much for nothing you are likely to irritate the other person. Apologize if you’re interrupting something. Even then offer a simple apology and get to the question. Getting straight to the point is important in building self confidence.


8. Know what you have
All of us are good in something. Take some time and note the things that you are good at in the various areas of your life. When you meet people who are good in some thing and you feel intimidated, remember that you are also good in other things. For instance, you might feel intimidated by a person with a lot of money. However, by realising that you have great relationships with your kids and spouse, for example, will help in building your self confidence.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been so encouraged by your tips and i hope to improve in future.. Once again thanks for these tips

  2. Hello, Great coaching! Starting now I will be practicing the tips and sharing them with others. Kind regards

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